MEDIA RELEASE: Canadian Election Observers in Taiwan


Eight Canadian election observers are in Taiwan monitoring the upcoming Presidential and legislative elections scheduled for January 14, 2012. The election polls indicate a close race between the two leading Presidential candidates. Along with Taiwan’s economic performance, the relationship with mainland China is again playing a critical role in the campaign.

The observers are in Taiwan at the invitation of the International Committee for Fair Election in Taiwan, whose aim is to safeguard the gains in democracy and human rights and to ensure a peaceful environment, domestically and internationally, for both the elections process and the post-election period.

Delegations from Asia, Europe and the United States are also participating.

The Canadian observers are:
• Bill Blaikie, Director of the Knowles-Woodsworth Centre for Theology and Public Policy, former MP and Deputy Speaker of the House of Commons
• Susan Henders, Professor at York University, Director of the York Centre for Asian Research
• David Kilgour, former MP and Secretary of State, Asia Pacific
• Peter Noteboom, Deputy General Secretary, The Canadian Council of Churches
• Reuben Noteboom, student delegate
• Ted Siverns, former Dean, Vancouver School of Theology
• Michael Stainton, President, Taiwanese Human Rights Association of Canada
• Lois Wilson, former Senator, former President of the Canadian Council of Churches, former President of the World Council of Churches, former Moderator of The United Church of Canada.

The Canadian Council of Churches is a non-profit organization of Christian unity in diversity. In existence for over 65 years, we are 23 denominations from the Anglican, Evangelical, Catholic, Historic Reform, Free Church, and Eastern and Oriental Orthodox traditions, representing in those 23 denominations 85% of the Christians in Canada.


If you would like more information about this event or to arrange for an interview with a member of the delegation after the election please contact Mr. Peter Noteboom via email at or call +1 416 939 3595.

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