Principles of Peace

Canadian Council of Churches Principles of Peace: A shared witness and testimony

Principles of PeaceAt its May 2018 meeting the Governing Board of the Canadian Council of Churches (CCC) adopted by consensus a Principles of Peace document (English / French).

In 1944, as the Second World War was ending, The Canadian Council of Churches was founded out of a shared vision of Peace. Today peace is core to the mission and identity of all the Council’s member churches, is the heart of ecumenism, and continues to guide and shape the work of the CCC.

Central to the document is the Biblical image of Shalom: right relationships between God, humanity and all of creation. The document and the process of discernment is itself an act of Peace. It was created through the Council’s forum decision making process that allowed the voices of all of its member denominations to shape and agree on common principles. Through the Commission on Justice and Peace a writing team brought together input from member denominations and integrated feedback from the Commission on Faith and Witness, the Governing Committee of Project Ploughshares, and other reference groups of the Council.

The peace of Canada and the world has been central to the identity and work of The Canadian Council of Churches for nearly 75 years. We have learned much from one another and navigated the changing trends of peacemaking in Canada and the world together. This is a new and comprehensive synthesis of what we have learned about God’s vision for peace. –Peter Noteboom; General Secretary, Canadian Council of Churches

While clearly articulating Principles of Peace this document will be a touch stone for the ongoing work of the Canadian Council of Churches and its members, as well as a resource for Christianity in Canada.

Download the Principles of Peace document. [PDF]

En français [PDF]

This is commended as a resource for reflection for the World Council of Churches “International Day of Prayer for Peace” that falls on September 21.

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