Governing Board

Attendees of the May 2023 Governing Board meeting in Quebec City.
Members and guests present at the May 2023 Governing Board meeting.

The Governing Board reviews ecumenical life in Canada and reflects on its significance. It identifies needs and directs the affairs of the Council to express the unity which member churches desire. It discerns, coordinates and communicates the common mission of the churches, long-range planning and policy formation. It has oversight over all the bodies and activities of the Council, as well as the relationship between or among Commissions, Reference Groups, Working Groups, Committees, and Project Ploughshares. 

The forum model recognizes our diversity and provides a method by which we can work together, acknowledging our unity as Christians, yet remaining faithful to the particularity of our respective traditions.

From: A Statement on Forum from the Constitution of The Canadian Council of Churches

Members of the 2021-24 Governing Board

Youth Members At-Large

  • Ms. Jessica Stevenson, United Church of Canada
  • Mr. Boston Laferté, Evangelical Lutheran Church in Canada
  • Sara Berhanu Solomon, Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahedo Church

Anglican Church of Canada

  • The Ven. Terry DeForest
  • The Ven. Alan Perry
  • The Very Rev. Peter Wall

Apostolic Catholic Church of Canada

  • The Rev. Fr. John Benjamin Vic Paradero, OMHS
  • The Rev. Fr. Jose Mark John Jamili

Armenian Holy Apostolic Church – Canadian Diocese

  • His Eminence Bishop Abgar Hovakimyan, The Primate
  • The Very Rev. Archpriest Fr. Zareh Zargarian

Canadian Association for Baptist Freedoms

  • The Rev. Hugh Kirkegaard
  • The Rev. Marlene Knowles

Canadian Baptists of Ontario and Quebec

  • The Rev. Das Sydney
  • The Rev. Leanne Friesen

Canadian Baptists of Western Canada

  • The Rev. Rob Ogilvie

Canadian Conference of Catholic Bishops

  • Sister Donna Geernaert
  • The Most Rev. Bishop Pierre-Olivier Tremblay
  • The Most Rev. Bart van Roijen
  • The Rev. Fr. Jean Vézina

Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) in Canada

  • Mr. Jean-Daniel Ó Donncada

Christian Reformed Church in North America

  • The Rev. Al Postma

Coptic Orthodox Church of Canada

  • The Rev. Fr. Ammonius Guirguis
  • The Rev. Fr. Anthony Mourad

Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahedo Church of Canada

  • The Rev. L.K. Fr. Messale Engeda

Evangelical Lutheran Church in Canada

  • The Rev. Chung Yan Lam
  • The Rev. Paul Gehrs
  • Ms. Emily Savage

Greek Orthodox Archdiocese of Canada

  • The Very Rev. Fr. Peter J. Avgeropoulos

Malankara Orthodox Syrian Church – Northeast American Diocese

  • Metropolitan Zachariah Mar Nicholovos
  • The Rev. Fr. Thomas P. John

Mar Thoma Syrian Church – Diocese of North America and Europe

  • The Rt. Rev. Dr. Isaac Mar Philoxenos Episcopa

Mennonite Church Canada

  • Tim Reimer
  • The Rev. Douglas Klassen

Orthodox Church in America – Archdiocese of Canada

  • Dr. Paul Ladouceur

Polish National Catholic Church of Canada

  • The Rev. Fr. Zbigniew Kozar

The Presbyterian Church in Canada

  • Mr. Norm Creen
  • The Rev. Amanda Currie
  • The Rev. Stephen Kendall
  • The Rev. Victor Kim
  • Ms. Laura-Lee Campbell

Regional Synod of Canada – Reformed Church in America

  • The Rev. John Kapetyn

Religious Society of Friends – Canadian Yearly Meeting (Quakers)

  • Mr. Mel Andrew Earley
  • Ms. Ruth Pincoe
  • Ms. Marilyn Manzer

The Salvation Army

  • Lt. Col. Jim Champ

Ukrainian Catholic Church in Canada

  • The Most Rev. Lawrence Huculak
  • The Very Rev. Fr. Alexander Laschuk

Ukrainian Orthodox Church of Canada

  • Dr. Peter Kondra

The United Church of Canada

  • The Rev. Lori Ransom
  • The Rev. Paula  Gale
  • The Rev. Dr. Jennifer Janzen-Ball
  • The Rev. Martha Martin
Last updated: July 2023
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