Celebrating 80 Years of Unity and Diversity

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We are inviting you to join us in celebrating 80 years!

As the Canadian Council of Churches marks its 80th anniversary, it remains vital in nurturing Christian unity and advocating for social justice across Canada.

Our Opportunity

The church is the largest social movement in Canada! More than half of Canadians identify as Christians, and the Canadian Council of Churches represents 85% of Canadian Christians. The challenge is that we don’t always work well together.

With your support, we are positioned to be a bridge and continue to build unity.

In Canada, disparities and injustices persist:

Poverty rates have decreased to 8.1%, but challenges remain, especially among one-parent families and immigrants.

Racism is significant, with 43% of hate crimes racially motivated in 2017 and racialized Canadians earning 81 cents for every dollar compared to non-racialized individuals.

Furthermore, from 2012 to 2022, nearly 4,000 human trafficking incidents were reported, with 94% of victims being women and girls.

Our Impact

For over 80 years, we have been a common ground where Christians in Canada can gather to think about our shared calling and work together for the common good. We engage in critical dialogues, advocate for meaningful policies, and nurture a community of faith that stands together for justice and peace.

We have a rich history of impactful work, including:

  • Supporting the Canadian Ecumenical Jubilee Initiative, which led Canadian and global debt cancellation campaigns.
  • Strengthening public health care in Canada through the Ecumenical Health Care Network, securing the foundation of social and solidarity values for public health care in Canada.
  • Supporting refugees, especially through groundbreaking court decisions for refugee rights in Canada.
  • Working to end poverty in Canada, meeting with Ministers, sponsoring research, partnering with others, listening to people with lived experiences of poverty, and supporting policies that have moved the needle.
  • Strengthening interfaith relationships for deeper interfaith dialogue and multifaith action across Canada and the globe.
  • Gathering faith leaders around hope, gratitude, and solidarity during and after the Covid pandemic was declared.

Responding to conflicts, we have been persistently praying and acting for peace.

What We Do

In our commitment to serving Canada’s Christian communities, we continue to advance several project priorities through our dedicated commissions and working groups.

Commission on Faith and Witness emphasizes mental health, pastoral care, sacraments, ministry in the digital age, and theological education, providing hope in challenging times.

Commission on Justice and Peace: works towards ending racism, promoting reconciliation with Indigenous and Non-Indigenous peoples, and addressing poverty issues.

Sexual Exploitation Working Group: tackles issues like pornography, prostitution, and human trafficking through vigilant advocacy.

Faith and Life Sciences Reference Group: manages technological and ethical concerns, mainly related to gene editing and AI.

Christian Interfaith Reference Group: fosters dialogue among diverse religious communities

Forum for Intercultural Leadership and Learning: provides innovative educational resources for intercultural leadership, addressing anti-Black racism in Canadian churches and society.

Project Ploughshares: leads our efforts in advocating for peace and disarmament, including supporting nuclear disarmament and controlling arms shipments globally through the Arms Trade Treaty, as well as engaging with other organizations to prevent the weaponization of space.

Coming Together

Celebrating 80 Years!

As we celebrate 80 years, the CCC is launching a campaign to raise $400,000 to expand its impactful programs.

This anniversary is a celebration of past achievements and a call to action.

The Canadian Council of Churches invites you to join its mission to seed the future of Canadian Christian communities, promote Christian unity, grow in affection for diversity, and act together in love. 

CCC 80th Anniversary Logo

Help Us Raise $400,000

Our Mission

The Canadian Council of Churches responds to Christ’s call for unity and peace, seeks Christ’s truth with affection for diversity, and acts in love through prayer, dialogue, and witness to the gospel.

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