Faith and Genetics

When Christian Faith and Genetics Meet: A Practical Group Resource

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The  Faith & Life Sciences Group (formerly the Biotechnology Reference Group) of The Canadian Council of Churches has published a curriculum with tools for Christian communities to critically assess the opportunities and risks of biotechnology.
The resource explores questions like – Does genetics contribute to or contradict our belief that we are created in the image of God? What ethical questions arise from usage of genetics in reproductive technologies? Is genetic testing for those planning to have children a responsible thing to do?
This curriculum can be used as a series of workshops or a full day session for communal reflection on how to meet the challenges of these new technologies. Are you interested in taking on the important work as facilitator for this curriculum? Are you willing to be a participant in this shared learning program? Let us assist your community in exploring this exciting and timely curriculum!

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Click the links below to download PDF versions of the curriculum.

Complete Curriculum (large file – 7MB)

Shared Statement
Letter to Facilitators

Session One: Genetics, Faith, and Human Dignity

Session Two: Genetic Technologies, Information, and Personal Identity 
Session Three: Genetic Technologies and Research on Human and Non-Human Subjects

Session Four: Genetic Technologies and the Engineering of Future Generations
Session Five: Genetic Technologies and Social Justice

Genetics 101

Behavioural Genetics 
Inherited Disease and Genetic Testing


Embryonic Development and Genetic Engineering

Population Genetics

Genetics for Guiding Therapy


Denominational Appendices

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