Christian Muslim Dialogue

National Muslim Christian Liaison Committee

This Committee was formed over twenty years ago. Its membership comprises several Muslim and Christian national organizations, including the Council of the Muslim Community of Canada, Canadian Islamic Congress, Canadian Council of Muslim Women, Islamic Circle of North America, Council of Imams, United Church of Canada, Canadian Conference of Catholic Bishops, Presbyterian Church of Canada, and The Canadian Council of Churches. The Committee is intended to be a forum for the exchange of mutual concerns between Muslims and Christians and their official representatives. The committee meets four or five times each year to discuss areas of sensitivity or conflict and issues of common interest. Although the committee cannot speak for any of the member organizations, it does urge the representatives to return to their organizations with a position or policy and have their organizations act on the position taken by the Committee.

Some of the recent matters the committee has urged its member organizations to take up include: issuing statements to Canadian government officials against war in Iraq; urging a peaceful resolution of the conflict in Palestine; advocating for the poor and homeless in Canada; working with the United Church of Canada in the preparation of their document on Muslim-Christian understanding, That We May Know Each Other.

Please visit the NMCLC website for more information on the Committee and its work.

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