Canadian Interfaith Conversation

Since 2009, the national leaders of Canada’s faith traditions have been meeting and working together.

Leaders of the Christian, Jewish, Muslim, Baha’i, Sikh, Hindu, Buddhist and First Nations traditions, on behalf of their communities, are speaking out against extreme poverty, climate change, nuclear weapons and the small arms trade. They are speaking, in a respectful, inclusive and collaborative way FOR all people of this country and the world. Faith communities believe, in the Name of the Divine Imperative, that all children, women and men should have the food that they need, housing, education, treatment for health issues, clean water and a future with a sustainable environment.

The Charter Vision sets out their commitment to speaking and working together in relationship, for all people of Canada and for the Mending of the World.

Visit, the Canadian Interfaith Conversation site.

Read the Charter Vision for the Canadian Interfaith ConversationEn Français.

Read the CIC’s statement on the Quebec charter of values, proposed in 2013. En Français.

For more on the statements and work of the Canadian Interfaith Conversation, including the series of Interfaith Leaders Summits to challenge and inspire the G8 and G20 political leaders, go to

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