Resources for Christian-Muslim dialogue and common action

The Christian Interfaith Reference Group of the CCC is in the process of compiling a “starter library” of resources for Christian-Muslim dialogue and common action.

We are currently updating and expanding this list, and would love to hear your suggestions or recommendations. Please email Maria Simakova, CIRG secretary, with your suggestions, comments, and questions.


CCC member churches’ resources:

Canadian Conference of Catholic Bishops:

Published through the CCCB’s Episcopal Commission for Christian Unity, Religious Relations with the Jews, and Interfaith Dialogue, this resource is meant to help Canadian Catholics better understand their Muslim neighbours. The first part presents the origins of Islam, its main currents today, and its similarities with and differences from Christianity. The second part provides an overview of the history and present state of interreligious dialogue between Catholics and Muslims, both at the national and international levels, concluding with some suggestions on how everyone can contribute to such dialogues.

The Presbyterian Church in Canada:

A discussion paper summarizing a fuller report to the 129th General Assembly (2003). Can be used with a small group to reflect and talk together about the issues and ideas that are raised. This document is meant to engage Presbyterians in dialogue with each other and to make possible further dialogue with Muslim neighbours.

The United Church of Canada:

A study on Christian-Muslim relations adopted at the 39th UCC General Council as policy and for congregational study.


Other resources for Christian-Muslim dialogue and common action:


  • The Qur’an: Translation. Translated by Abdullah Yusuf Ali. Tahrike Tarsile Qur’an Inc.; Wordsworth Editions Limited.

A traditional translation, still used by many Muslims. Available at public and university libraries and book stores.

  • The Qur’an: A New Translation. Translated by M.A.S. Abdel Haleem. Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2011.

Available at public and university libraries and book stores.

  • The Sublime Qur’an: English Translation. 6th rev. ed. Translated by Laleh Bakhtiar. Chicago, IL:, distributed by Kazi Publications, 2009.

A word for word translation done by a female Islamic scholar.  Available at public and university libraries and Amazon or Abe Books.

Canadian Resources (alphabetical listing)

  • At My Mother’s Feet: Stories of Muslim Women. Edited by Sadia Zaman for the Canadian Council of Muslim Women. Kingston, ON: Quarry Press, 1999.

Stories of Muslim women who were instrumental in keeping faith alive and supporting Muslim life in Canada from the turn of the 19th century onwards. Available at public and university libraries and Abe Books.

A wealth of papers, tool kits and position papers on Muslim women’s issues, history and Canadian law.

  • The Environics Institute for Survey Research et al. Survey of Muslims in Canada 2016: Final Report. Toronto, ON: The Environics Institute, 2016.

Available for download at

  • Zarqa Nawaz. Me and the Mosque. Montreal, QC: NFB, 2005.

Using original animation, archival footage and personal interviews, this full-length documentary portrays the multiple relationships Canadian Muslim women entertain with Islam’s place of worship, the mosque. DVD format from the National Film Board. Available at the public libraries and online at

  • The Muslim Veil in North America: Issues and Debates. Edited by Sajida Sultana Alvi, Homa Hoodfar and Sheila McDonough. Toronto, ON: Women’s Press, 2003.

This book gives the background of the custom of the veil in its historical and political context, and provides a discussion of this religious tradition. Through research interviews with Canadian women who both wear and do not wear the hijab, the reader gets an understanding of the hijab from within the Canadian context. Available at public and university libraries and through Amazon.

Background Information (alphabetical list)

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