So your faith group wants to take an active role in emergency response? You’ve made your connections, you are part of the plan but are you trained? Does your group have the skills they need to deliver the services. Not ready to respond on your own but still interested in being part of a response?

There are several agencies who can assist you in becoming better prepared to respond. Others are always looking for people to assist with emergency response – locally, nationally or even globally. Check out the various resources that will assist you in preparing to respond.


Several agencies may be able to provide training so that groups/individuals are better equipped to respond to an emergency. How your group or individuals want to respond will affect the type of training required. The following are possible sources for training. Contact them for information on training locations and opportunities.


Several agencies are directly involved in emergency response. For information on how to participate in response efforts directed by these groups, please make contact by following the links.

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