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What We Do

  • We bring member churches into encounter with one another in a forum where all voices hold equal weight. We promote understanding among them and with other Christian churches.
  • We lead in Canadian peace organization through Project Ploughshares, an operating division of the CCC.
  • We provide a safe place for immigrant churches to learn about Canada and to put down roots.
  • We undertake and promote theological study and reflection among Christian traditions.
  • We encourage and host churches’ participation in dialogue with people of other faiths.
  • We study, speak about, and act on conditions that involve moral and spiritual principles, including current events such as the war on terror and societal issues such as the future of health care.
  • We share information broadly, communicating results of theological and ethical reflections to Canadian Society and governments.
  • We produce resources, including material for the Week of Prayer for Christian Unity.
  • We provide material to chaplains in Canada’s armed forces and prisons, helping them work with stress-related trauma, mixed marriages and questions about life and death.
  • We are registered with the United Nations and participate in world conferences and commissions on such issues as funding for development, refugee settlement and human rights.
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