Movement for Economic Solidarity in the Americas

MESA: Movement for Economic Solidarity in the Americas

Windsor Forum on a Sustainable Economy – 4 October 2009

From October 1 to 4, 2009, representatives of MESA met in Windsor, Ontario, Canada to receive an update on the impact of trade agreements on the automotive sector and the agricultural sector related to migrant workers. Topped off by a study visit to Buxton to experience the African Canadian History of the Elgin Settlement a terminus point for the Underground Railroad, the group visited locations in Leamington and Windsor, Ontario.

Click here to view a summary report of the Forum.

Ciudad Juárez Communiqué – 30 October 2008

From October 1 to 3, 2008, representatives of MESA met in Ciudad Juárez, Mexico, to investigate the impacts of trade agreements in that city and the continent. Inspired by a theological vision of God’s economy, a household table where all belong and are welcome, MESA brings together representatives of churches and faith-based organizations from Canada, Mexico, Central America and the United States of America to educate and raise awareness among the citizenry, and advocate on issues related to just trade and sustainable economics.

Click here to view the Communiqué.

Letter to Prime Minister Harper from MESA – 14 August 2007

We are representatives of Canada’s churches, and members of MESA, a tri-national coalition of religious organizations from Canada, the United States and Mexico working for just trade. We write you in advance of your summit with Presidents Bush and Calderón this August to urge you to use this opportunity to promote just trade relationships.

Click here to view the letter.

MESA Consultation Washington, DC – 14 June 2006

From June 11 to 14, 2006, representatives of MESA met in Washington, DC, USA to participate in, among other events, a public forum on revisioning theology on globalization and trade.

MESA Consultation Ottawa, ON – 17 May 2005

From May 15 to 17, 2005, representatives of MESA met in Ottawa to advance their work together on economic globalization in the Americas, including theological reflection on the signs of the times along with a roundtable dialogue on deep integration, security policy, and trade.

MESA established in Mexico City – 2 April 2004

Trade agreements are the primary vehicle for economic globalization in Canada, the US and Mexico. Canadian, US and Mexican churches need a common table to share new information, analyze political and economic developments from time to time, and test the feasibility of common actions by churches in these countries. Our communities and church leaders need to become more aware of the effects of globalization and trade agreements and need a table where they can learn from the experience of church communities throughout the continent.

In this way, our individual and collective witness will be more effective, grounded in local experience, and offer practical solutions to constructing an economy in the service of life in the Americas.

Click here to view the record of the founding meeting.

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