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CCC church leaders write to PM Harper on Canadian military response in Iraq and Syria – April 2015

The leaders of the CCC’s 25 member denominations have written to Prime Minister Stephen Harper over the nature of Canada’s involvement in the military response to ISIS in Iraq and Syria. Read an excerpt from the letter below, or download the full letter in English [PDF]. En français.

Download a copy of the CCC President’s cover letter [PDF]. En français.

The Vatican’s News.va covers the CCC’s letter (Google translate link).

CCC on Syria to Minister Baird: There is no military solution to conflict – Sept 2013

The General Secretary of The Canadian Council of Churches, the Rev. Dr. Karen Hamilton, has written to Foreign Affairs Minister John Baird in response to the crisis in Syria. The letter, sent on behalf of the CCC’s 25 member denominations, together representing 85 per cent of Christians in Canada, reiterates the churches’ conviction that there is no military solution to the conflict in Syria. The letter calls on Canada to provide vigorous support for compromise through diplomatic and political processes to bring a just and lasting peace to Syria and to respond generously to the humanitarian and refugee challenge.

Read the letter. En français.

Church leaders address Middle East crises – Sept 2013

Concerned about the humanitarian tragedy in Syria, the uncertainty with democratic transitions in Egypt, and the unresolved decades-long Israeli-Palestinian conflict Canadian church leaders have called on the Prime Minister to respond generously to the refugee crisis, lead in the protection of human rights, and hold firm to obligation of all to respect international law.

Please click here for the full text of the letterEn Français.

Please click here for the President’s cover letter.

Please click here for 5 Ways You Can Act on the Crises in the Middle EastEn Français.


Redeemed by violence? Who are we becoming? – May 2002

The Governing Board of the Canadian Council of Churches devoted a full day of its spring meeting held on May 22-24, 2002, to learning, reflecting and sharing on the times in which we live, times marked particularly by the agonies of the Middle East and by the seemingly endless “war on terror” launched by the United States following the disasters of September 11 in New York, Washington and Pennsylvania.

Click here for a copy of the minutes


Eleven Canadian Christian Leaders call for Peace with Justice in the Middle East – 4 January 2001

Canadian Christian leaders mourn the loss of life in this conflict and call for Palestinians and Israelis to live in peace, security and economic sufficiency.

Click here to view the letter.

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