Christian Interfaith Reference Group

Welcome to the Christian Interfaith Reference Group.

The CIRG was formed by the Canadian Council of Churches to help our member churches as they explore new spiritual and theological territory demanded by living in a pluralistic society. Canada now has many expressions of faith.

This raises a question of how to hold to our Christian beliefs and relate to other faith traditions in a way that respects and engages with their traditions and beliefs. How do we find areas that remind us that the basic values of most world religions are the same, even if we give different expressions to how we come to those values?

We hope that this site will help people of all faiths find connections, particularly in their own geographical communities, to get to know people of differing faiths as persons of faith, and to learn from them what is important to them and share with them what is important to us. We also hope that this site will help all people of faith to find ways in which we can work together for the common good in Canada.

We invite you to participate with us in this project by informing us of interfaith activities in your own neighbourhoods that should be listed in our resource pages. Contact Maria Simakova, CIRG Secretary, to share your interfaith activities or resources.

We also invite you to enter into a journey of learning and growing as we seek to be the kind of country that truly celebrates our diversity and the richness that brings.

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