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2021 Federal Election Guide

The 2021 Canadian federal election is scheduled to take place on September 20. 

We invite you to join in praying for a healthy and peaceful democratic process. Federal elections provide an opportunity for people of faith to reconsider what their faith commitments have to do with Canadian public life. 

From the COVID-19 pandemic to other national and international traumas and tragedies, the two years since Canada’s last federal election have witnessed significant developments that call for careful prayer and reflection.  

As you consider your own values and choices in advance of this election, we offer this Guide as a source of reflection. Emerging from shared work and reflection over many years, the Council has identified the priority issues listed here. Each priority issue includes sample questions you can ask of candidates, then lists resources and links where you can learn more.  

Ways you can use this Guide: 

  • To pray for Canada, its leaders, and the election process; 
  • To think through your own election priorities;  
  • To call a group together to prepare for meetings with candidates; 
  • And more! Check the introductory letter of the Guide for more ideas. 

>> Read the full Election Guide in English or in French

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