A Blessed Pascha to our Orthodox Member Churches!

April 19, 2020
Great and Holy Pascha (Orthodox Easter)

Christ is risen! Le Christ est ressuscité!

A blessed Pascha to all our Orthodox member churches celebrating today in their homes and in their hearts!

It is customary on Pascha to say “Christ is risen!” in as many languages as you are able, proclaiming God’s love unto all the nations. How do you say “Christ is risen!” in the language closest to your heart?

As you shout from the rooftops, whisper over a candle, meditate in silent prayer to all the nations in all their languages that


Christ is risen from the dead,
Trampling down death by death,
And upon those in the tombs
Bestowing life!

May this hymn resound in all our hearts, in all our deeds and actions, indeed throughout all creation for all time.

In Christ’s Love,

Peter Noteboom




Peter Noteboom is the General Secretary of The Canadian Council of Churches

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