Commemorate the victims of WWI with The World Remembers

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The World Remembers is a unique reconciliation and remembrance project that will display the names of millions of those who lost their lives during World War I. We invite your church to join  the many schools, libraries, museums, and universities already participating.

Women working in a shell factory in the United Kingdom.
Women working in a shell factory in the United Kingdom.

Your church’s display can be simply presented on a laptop, tablet, a wide screen TV, or by an office projector.  For a small contribution, The World Remembers will provide the display software, technical support, TWR info posters for your church, and a WWI photo gallery representing the men and women of WWI from many nations. The World Remembers, created by Canadian actor R H Thomson, is a non-profit and can issue tax receipts.

In 2014, the project ran for twenty-two days (ending November 11th) and displayed the 292,000 names of those killed in 1914 from Canada, the United Kingdom, France, Germany, Belgium, Turkey, Australia, and other nations. Each name was timed to appear at an exact time, allowing individuals to find the exact minute that a name appeared and details about each of the men and women who lost their lives on

By respectful acknowledging the dead, we can encourage mutual understanding and reconciliation despite the lasting legacy of a war that killed millions, ended empires, and raised many questions for which history has had no answers.

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Read the The World Remembers review document. [PDF]

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