Commission for Justice and Peace to Include Climate Justice in 2018-21 Triennial Priorities

On September 18, 2019,  the Commission on Justice and Peace of The Canadian Council of Churches voted to adopt the following proposal to include the issue of climate change in their priorities for the 2018-21 Triennium:

Addressing Climate Change has been identified as urgent and a crisis. There is growing awareness of and energy for engaging climate change in

the wider society, led in many cases by the voices of youth. Awareness and energy about climate change is also becoming increasingly clear in

CCC faith communities as was evident in the Easter Monday video which brought in a wide variety of voices on this concern.

In light of this, the Executive proposes that the Commission on Justice and Peace make Climate Change a priority for the duration of the

2018-2021 Triennium. In order to create capacity for this new priority the executive recommends removing “Just Allocation of Resources” as a

priority, while encouraging its continuing use as a lens for the other priorities, including climate change.

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