General Secretary makes enquiry about Canadians detained in Russia

The General Secretary of The Canadian Council of Churches, the Rev. Dr. Karen Hamilton, has written to the Minister of Foreign Affairs, the Hon. John Baird, regarding two Canadians detained in Russia following a peaceful protest in international waters. Paul Ruzycki and Alexandre Paul are two Canadian members of the Arctic 30, the crew of a Greenpeace ship who were detained by Russian security services in late September.

Download a PDF of the letter.

Full text:

8 November 2013

Honourable John Baird
Minister of Foreign Affairs
2249 Carling Ave, Suite 418
Ottawa, Ontario K2B 7E9
Fax: 613-993-6501

Re: Paul Ruzycki and Alexandre Paul

Dear Minister Baird,
I am writing to you regarding the situation of Paul Ruzycki and Alexandre Paul, two Canadians detained in Russia following a peaceful protest in international waters north of Russia.

I understand that the ongoing presence of Canadian diplomats in Murmansk has been invaluable to Paul, Alexandre, and their families and I want to thank the Canadian government for acting so well and so swiftly in this regard.

As the situation is urgent, I would like to ask the following questions:

· will you make a public call for the immediate and safe release of Paul Ruzycki and Alexandre Paul?
· how are you raising this issue with your contacts in the Russian Federation?
· do you support the Dutch government’s initiative regarding this matter at the International Tribunal of the Law of the Sea?

Thank you for your attention to this matter. Please be assured of the continued prayers for wisdom and a desire to work for justice among Canada’s public servants.

The Rev. Dr. Karen Hamilton
General Secretary


Paul Dewar, MP, New Democratic Party of Canada
Marc Garneau, MP, Liberal Party of Canada
Jean-François Fortin, MP, Bloc Québécois
Elizabeth May, MP, Green Party of Canada

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