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Grieving With: A Statement from the President and General Secretary in Response to the Vicious Death of the Afzaal Family

Download the pdf of this statement here.

We grieve with…

We grieve with the family, friends, and community of the Afzaal family in London who were rammed and killed by a vehicle in London, Ontario on June 6, 2021.

Along with many others, we believe that there should be no place in Canada for racism and hate, and no place for all its many forms. Ultimately, the presence of racism and hate betrays an unwillingness to examine our histories, a misplaced pride or a fear of shame, an unwillingness to honour the dignity, belovedness, and belonging of other people and peoples.

Stop. Pray. Listen.

May we be attentive to the stories of our fellow travellers and citizens; may we not hesitate to vigorously oppose prejudice and bigotry in all their forms, including acts of contempt for the religions, cultures, or heritage of our fellow human beings; and may we perpetually remember that we are all beloved. We all belong.

Lord have mercy.

Lord have mercy.

Lord have mercy.



In Christ’s abundant love,


Das Sydney

The Rev. Dr. Das Sydney,
The Canadian Council of Churches


Peter Noteboom

Pastor Peter Noteboom,
Secretary General
The Canadian Council of Churches

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