How can World War 1 help build peace today?

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Project Ploughshares—an ecumenical agency of the Canadian Council of Churches—presents World War 1 and Contemporary Policy on War and Peace, a policy conference this September 26 -28 at the Canadian War Museum in Ottawa, Ont.

The conference—hosted in cooperation with Group of 78—brings together historians and commentators from civil society, the world of diplomacy, and the military to reflect on how lessons from the “Great War” are relevant today to reduce armed conflict, and reinforce the foundations of a more stable, peaceful world.

Some event highlights:

  • Lead keynote by Desmond Morton,  Hiram Mills professor of History at McGill University
  • Comments from Gen. John de Chastelain, Louise Frechette, Paul Heinbecker, John Siebert, Ernie Regehr
  • Performance by Soldiers of Song: A Tribute to the Dumbells, a soldiers group in WW1
  • Perspectives from “the other side”: speakers from Germany, Austria & Turkey
  • Canadian Actor R.H. Thomson’s project of remembrance
  • Art tour of two special exhibits in the War Museum with commentary
  • Concluding panel with CBC moderator
  • Mozart’s Requiem at Southminster United Church

People from civil society, faith communities, youth & students, academia, military (retired or otherwise), public service,  and anyone else with an interest in Canadian public discourse and Canada’s place in the world… all are welcome and encouraged to attend.

Special substantially reduced registration fee for students. Organizations that sign up seven or more participants receive a complimentary registration.

Get more information and register for World War 1 and Contemporary Policy on War and Peace

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