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Is Intelligence Enough? Upcoming Webinar Explores Human and Artificial Intelligence

Join us May 31 from 4-5:30 Eastern! 

Since the introduction of advanced language learning models (like ChatGPT) six months ago, discussion of artificial intelligence (AI) has reached a fever pitch, and it appears everyone is talking about the promises and perils of this new technology. But what is artificial intelligence? How does it compare to human intelligence? And how can we begin to think about AI critically? Join the Faith and Life Sciences Reference Group (FLSRG) on May 31st for the first of a series of webinars on this topic. The Rev. Dr. Peter Kuhnert will give a plenary presentation followed by responses and discussion with other FLSRG members. 

>> Learn more and register on Eventbrite. The webinar will be free and conducted in English. 

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