Leaders of Canadian Council of Churches Lament Plan to Burn Qu’rans

In response to the recent events around a planned Qu’ran burning at a small central Florida church, the President and General Secretary of the Canadian Council of Churches urge all Christians to pray and act for peace and understanding.

The Rev. Bruce Adema, President, says “Grace and a deep desire for reconciliation are hallmarks of the Gospel; we deplore words and actions that alienate people from one another and distort the message Christians are given to proclaim.” The Rev. Dr. Karen Hamilton, General Secretary affirms that “The Canadian Council of Churches deplores a threat, in word or deed, to texts which are considered sacred in any tradition. As Christians we are to treat others as we would wish to be treated.”

The Council again extends warmest wishes to our friends in the Jewish and Muslim communities, as they celebrate Rosh Hashana and Eid-Ul-Fitr. Best wishes for joyous and peace-filled holidays!

The Rev. Bruce Adema, President, The Canadian Council of Churches

The Rev. Dr. Karen HamiltonGeneral SecretaryThe Canadian Council of Churches

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