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Lessons from last week’s Safe Third Country appeal

On Friday, August 21, Public Safety Minister Bill Blair announced that the Canadian government had appealed the Federal Court’s decision to strike down the Canada-U.S. Safe Third Country Agreement. The Federal Court has now ruled twice, first in 2007 and again this year that the agreement violates refugee rights.

General Secretary Peter Noteboom examines this development in his recent op-ed for the Broadview website, and encourages Christians in Canada to continue in the example set by past generations of faith communities in this country, whose members actively sought to extend hospitality to strangers and refugees.

“Christians and those from other faith communities see welcoming the stranger as a key tenet of their faith,” Noteboom writes.

“Indeed, the image of Jesus’ parents being refused room at the inn because they were refugees is a compelling part of the story of the gospel. Similarly, the images of refugees from Vietnam, Syria and many other countries being welcomed at the airport, in homes, in churches and other places of worship are now an integral part of the story of Canada.”

May the Spirit guide us all to see and experience the breath of created dignity in our brothers and sisters, indeed, in all of humanity.

Read the full article.

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