MEDIA RELEASE: Now 24 Member Denominations & a New President!

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CCC Increases Its Membership & Welcomes New Officers

Tuesday May 29, 2012 – While meeting recently in Ottawa, ON, the Governing Board of The Canadian Council of Churches (CCC) accepted the Atlantic Baptist Fellowship as it twenty-fourth member denomination. Adding their voice to the broadest ecumenical council in the world, this newest member is now able to participate fully in work of the Council. The CCC currently represents over 85% of the Christians in Canada.

During these governing board meetings, Major Jim Champ of Salvation Army was elected as the new President. Major Champ is the first Salvation Army President in the history of the CCC

Looking forward to his three-year term, Major Champ believes it is a responsibility of the Christian Church to speak boldly to the government on issues of mutual concern and those that impact Canadian society. “It is particularly critical that we speak for those people who are on the margins and have little, if any, voice in policy matters that impact them the most. We can do this respectfully and firmly at the same time,” says Major Champ. On the CCC’s mandate of ‘unity in diversity,’ the new President responds: “I interpret this to mean that in the midst of our diversity (and diversity is a good thing!) we will respect one another’s differences while at the same time recognize that what we share in common is Christ.” The Council continues to be grateful for the work of the outgoing President, The Rev. Bruce Adema.

Newly elected Vice Presidents include The Rev. Dr. Susan Eagle of The United Church of Canada, The Rev. Dr. Das Sydney of the Canadian Baptists of Ontario and Quebec, and Father Cyprian Hutcheon of The Orthodox Church of America. Larry Brennan of The Canadian Conference of Catholic Bishops was also elected as Treasurer.

A public prayer server with all 24 denominations was held in celebration of these new appointments and the addition of the Atlantic Baptist Fellowship as a new member. The service was held at Christian Calvin Reformed Church in Ottawa on Thursday May 17th, 2012.


The Canadian Council of Churches is a non-profit organization of Christian unity in diversity.

In existence for over 65 years, we are 24 denominations from the Anglican, Evangelical,

Catholic, Historic Reform, Free Church, and Eastern and Oriental Orthodox traditions.

Together we represent over 85% of the Christians in Canada.



If you would like more information, please contact The Rev. Dr. Karen Hamilton via email at / call 416.522.3883 / visit and find us on Facebook ( and Twitter (@CCC_CCE).

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