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The CCC Prepares for “Together in One Place” (Acts 2:1): An Online Ecumenical Worship Service to Mark Pentecost

The disruptions COVID-19 has brought have shifted our normal patterns of being and the ability to gather as faith communities. While physical distancing is challenging for everyone, it is a unique grief for those accustomed to regularly gathering in the name of Jesus.

Yet this unprecedented trial has also provided new opportunities to come together in unique ways, including the ability to meet ‘virtually’ in ecumenical friendship and prayer with our fellow disciples of Christ.

The season of Pentecost is not far away, a time that has always held a special significance for the ecumenical movement. With it comes the promise of new life through the arrival of the Holy Spirit, and a reminder of the unity we share, which has been forged with God’s help across differences.

With this in mind, a planning committee of The Canadian Council of Churches has begun preparing an online ecumenical worship service on May 30, 3 pm EST.

The service animates the call to “come together in one place” (Acts 2:1) and will gather leaders of CCC member churches from coast to coast to coast for an ecumenical service of prayer for Christian unity as we look together to an uncertain yet hope-filled future.

To stay up to date with developments around this service, we invite you to subscribe to the CCC newsletter and/or stay tuned to this news feed on our website for future updates.

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