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Video of Artificial Intelligence Webinar Now Available

After a series on the theology and ethics of gene editing, culminating in a November 2021 panel on CRISPR technology, the Faith and Life Sciences Reference Group (FLSRG) of The Canadian Council of Churches kicked off a new series on artificial intelligence with a May 2023 webinar.

The video of this webinar is now available on our YouTube channel.

Since the introduction of advanced language learning models like ChatGPT in late 2022, discussion of artificial intelligence (AI) has reached a fever pitch. Meanwhile, United Nations General Secretary Antonio Guterres has decried the lack of any global governmental or regulatory framework to deal with the challenges of artificial intelligence which includes brain-computer interfaces, the proliferation of spyware, and the use of AI to compromise information systems, the media, and even the democratic electoral processes of governments.

To begin our reflections on this urgent topic, the Rev. Dr. Peter Kuhnert gave a plenary presentation on differences between human and artificial intelligence, followed by responses from three panelists.

The FLSRG is dedicated to providing opportunities for ecumenical Christian reflections on the promise and perils of new technologies. To facilitate this, we offer free webinars with expert members and guests to discuss technologies such as gene editing and artificial intelligence. Recordings of all our events are available on YouTube.

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