A dove, symbol of peace

Welcome to the Justice and Peace Library!

The Commission on Justice and Peace is pleased to announce the launch of a new archive website:  justiceandpeace.ca!

This digital library is a culmination of over 25 years of dedicated work, ecumenical dialogue, communal prayer, bible study, and advocacy efforts among members of the Commission on Justice and Peace, The Canadian Council of Churches (the Council), Canadian church leaders, and Canadian religious leaders.

At justiceandpeace.ca, you will find a rich collection of resources from the Council aimed at promoting justice, peace, and ethical reflection. This extensive archive includes theological resources, position statements, advocacy letters, briefing notes, and various other materials that have evolved over 25 years of thoughtful collaboration and engagement.

We invite you to visit justiceandpeace.ca and explore the invaluable resources available to inspire and inform your journey towards justice and peace. Feel free to share this announcement with your networks and help us spread the word about this valuable repository.

Thank you for your continued support in our shared mission for justice and peace.


With gratitude,

Roshney Kurian

CJP Research and Program Assistant

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