Upholding Canada’s long tradition of welcome, and how you can act

As those who believe that all people are made in the image of God, as those who proclaim the Risen Christ—once a refugee himself—we urge all people of Canada to a heightened intensity of prayer (if that is their tradition), speaking, writing, and action in the face of the on-going refugee crisis.

Children, women and men of Syria, Iraq, and other countries are dealing with pain, tragedy, and death on a daily basis.

Canada has a long tradition of welcoming refugees, and many countries in Europe are currently welcoming refugees in large numbers.

Canada has made commitments. The Canadian Council of Churches looks forward to the implementation of those commitments, and many more.

As Christians, and as members of churches and denominations, we are called to pray for strength and creativity in the concrete implementation of compassion and care. We are called to speak and to write to all those in government, and to show our readiness to welcome people of all faith traditions from a situation of great suffering to a life of freedom and security

In the Name of Christ, we are ready, we are visible, and we act in love.

Rev. Dr. Karen Hamilton, General Secretary
Canadian Council of Churches

Want to take action? Here are some links to get you started.

Many of our member denominations have programs and resources, and we encourage Canadian Christians to look to their denominations for ways they can act. Among those offering programs:

Some organizations we have partnered with:



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