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Lamenting a Grievous War: A Response and Appeal in the Face of War

We lament a broken world scarred with many conflicts. At this moment in particular, we lament the grievous war initiated by the Russian invasion of Ukraine. Engaging in war constitutes a failure.[1]  The existence of this expanding conflict is an affront to human dignity and a threat to global security.

With broken hearts, we bear witness to

  • the targeting of civilian populations including hospitals, schools, women and children;
  • the incredible depth of suffering, with massive loss of life and millions displaced or rendered as refugees;
  • the erosion of global food security, especially in countries dependent on produce from the fertile plains of Ukraine; and
  • the catastrophic destruction of the environment whose impact may be experienced for generations to come.

We appeal to all our churches and organizations, to continue to pray[2] for the end of this war, and all war. We urge them to engage in peacemaking activities as a Christian calling, and as a witness to our relationship with God.

As Canadians, may we be hospitable and generous in providing assistance to refugees and displaced people. We appeal to all people of faith to cultivate a spirit which promotes peace and reconciliation between all peoples, rooted in justice and restoration.

The Canadian Council of Churches
Governing Board
May 20, 2022

>> Download this statement in English or French.


[1] The Canadian Council of Churches, Principles of Peace (May 2018):

[2] We invite Christians in Canada to make use of the prayers for peace developed by the Council in coordination with with the Ukrainian Bishops of Canada in April 24, 2022 (“Prayers for Ukraine and Peace for the World,”

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