Table with Passover seder and French lavendar

Passover is Coming! Advice on Sending Holy Day Greetings to Jewish Neighbours from the Christian Interfaith Reference Group (CIRG)

A resource from the Council’s Christian Interfaith Reference Group (CIRG)

This year, Passover begins on April 15, 2022! As a person of faith, are you interested in building relationships with Jewish neighbours? If so, this idea sheet may help you take a simple step: greeting your Jewish neighbours during the significant seasons of the Jewish calendar, particularly at Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur, Pesach (Passover), and Hanukkah.

Such an action can foster an atmosphere of respect and care, and it could open doors for further conversation, relationship, and collaboration between your faith communities.

In concert with others in your parish, congregation or church group, please consider the following ideas as may be appropriate in your context:  

  1. Learn about the synagogues, Jewish day schools, or community services in your community. With which one(s) do you have the most natural connections?
  2. Decide which of these may be an appropriate recipient of your greeting(s), and prepare to offer your message. If you are sending the message communally, assign one person to coordinate the writing and delivery of the greeting. Determine whether the note is offered to the worshipping body or other group as a whole, or to the presiding rabbi or leader. Phone the synagogue or group to ask who the appropriate recipient for the greeting should be. 

>> More ideas and suggestions in CIRG’s newly released guide, “Holy Day Greetings to Our Jewish Neighbours.”

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