Highlights and Decisions from the November 2022 Governing Board Meeting

Attendees of the November 2022 Governing Board meeting (Nov 17, 2022, Queen of Apostles Renewal Centre, Mississauga, ON)
Attendees of the November 2022 Governing Board meeting (Nov 17, 2022, Queen of Apostles Renewal Centre, Mississauga, ON)

The Canadian Council of Churches Governing Board Meeting took place on November 16-18, 2022 at the Queen of Apostles Renewal Centre (Mississauga, ON).

At this semi-annual meeting of the Council’s Governing Board, we: 

  1. SHARED current news and challenges and supported one another in prayer and song.
  2. MARKED the recent loss of Richard Schneider, Former President (2003-06) and long-time Chair and member of the
    Commission on Faith and Witness, who left an indelible mark on the Council.
  3. RECEIVED governance and program reports from all bodies of the Council; ASSESSED risks to the Council and NAMED
    ways to manage and mitigate them.
  4. WELCOMED KAIROS, the North America Baptist Fellowship (NABF), and Church Council on Justice and Corrections
    (CCJC) as new Affiliates; and RECEIVED the application of prospective affiliate from the Order of St. Lazarus.
  5. ADOPTED a Bilingualism Policy to reaffirm guidelines for the Council’s commitment to French and English.
  6.  ADOPTED the 2023 Budget for the Main Office and Project Ploughshares.
  7.  OFFERED LAMENTATION to God for the loss of a National Multilateral Forum for Christian-Jewish Dialogue using the
    psalmitic themes of Brokenness, Cry, Complaint, and Hope.
  8.  ANIMATED the 2023 Week of Prayer for Christian Unity theme of “Do good, seek justice” (Isaiah 1:17) through
    powerful testimonies from Minnesota Council of Churches representatives the Rev. Dr. Kelly Sherman-Conroy
    and Pastor Dr. Anthony Appiah, and a special prayer service with deep, personal sharing.
  9.  COLLECTED QUESTIONS about a theology of interculturality led by the Forum for Intercultural Leadership and Learning
  10.  WERE LED IN PRAYER AND SONG by leaders in the Catholic, United, and Pentecostal traditions.
  11.  WERE ENGAGED in reflection and action on spiritual care in Canada, especially in the military and prisons, by a
    presentation by Imam Michael Taylor, Chair of the Interfaith Committee on Canadian Military Chaplaincy.
  12.  GAINED INSIGHT into Christianity and religious affiliation and observance in Canada today from a presentation by
    Halo Canada and WayBase on the 2021 Census data.
  13.  LEARNED from the Rt. Rev. Dr. Isaac Mar Philoxenos Episcopa about the history, life, and scope of the Mar Thoma
    Church in Canada; and from the delegation of the United Church Canada about its history and future.
  14.  APPOINTED Rev. Fr. Anthony Mourad (Coptic Orthodox Church of Canada) as Vice-President
  15.  APPOINTED Sara Solomon (Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahedo) and Boston Laferté (Evangelical Lutheran) as Youth
    members of the Governing Board.
  16.  BEGAN PLANNING for the 2024-27 triennium by appointing a Nominations Committee.

The next meeting of the Governing Board is scheduled to take place May 24-26, 2023 at Le Monastère des Augustines, Quebec City.

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