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Rooted in Truth, Compassion and Justice: A Prayer for Peace When Words Fail

A response to recent events in Gaza and Israel 

Words fail to convey how heavily the stories of violence and despair emerging from our screens weigh on our hearts. Yet we recognize that in this case, remaining silent is itself a form of violence.  

Along with countless others around the world, we share the outrage, grief, and sense of helplessness recent events have awakened.   

May we look to the Holy Spirit when we feel helpless, when we do not know what to pray, when words fail to contain the groaning of lament.   

May those of us who may be distant from these unfolding events seek to bear witness to the reality of injustice, oppression, violence, and historical complexity rather than turn away. 

May we not harden our hearts to the cries of the victims. 

May we remember that peace, to be restorative, must be rooted in truth and built on justice while also embracing the way of love.1

May we not ignore the necessary foundation of human rights: that we are all made in the image of God.2

May we pray for endurance to continue the long road of peace and restoration that calls us to take responsibility for past injustices and repent of any complicity in oppression. 

May we never fail to recall that even while in the midst of violence, we can call for adherence to international humanitarian law.   

May we acknowledge the painful complexity of forgiveness and reconciliation. 

May we commit ourselves and one another to not cease labouring for peace and justice. 

May we hold space not merely for sorrow, but also hope and peace that transcend the sum of present circumstances.

Prince of Peace, come quickly.

Das Sydney

The Rev. Dr. Das Sydney,
The Canadian Council of Churches

Peter Noteboom

Pastor Peter Noteboom,
Secretary General
The Canadian Council of Churches

For questions or media inquiries, please write to General Secretary Pastor Peter Noteboom at

  1. Principles of Peace. The Canadian Council of Churches, 2018. ↩︎
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